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The dominant hues of SAIE campus are passionate red alternating with peaceful blue.
The bright and blazing red wall, standing among luxuriant trees, makes you feel placing
in a garden-like campus of harmony and peace. Buildings are joined to each other tightly,
providing the platform for SAIE students’ study and life.

Teaching Building

We have a fully-equipped computer room, in which students take computer courses, acquire knowledge, take part in various examinations and contests. In this room, SAIE students have the whole world in view and participate in global competition. We adopt small class teaching, which means, in each class, there are no more than 20 students. In the teaching building, all the students have their own locker. In the corridor, as long as you look up, you will see graffiti, which are the fruits of students’ imagination and creativity.


There are exhibitions of students’ activities, works and contests all around in the corridor. We use subject-based classes and individualized teaching system, so nearly every student’s course timetable is sole and customized. Students move among different classrooms and courses according to their unique course timetables.


SAIE really concentrates on the effectiveness of reading, and insists in the principle of reading state school. In order to help students seek out suitable books accurately and quickly, our librarian has put reading index sign on each book to rank them as different levels. Whenever facing confusing situation, students can search and check information on the internet using the computers in the library. Our SAIE teachers lead students to process deep reading and provide them with enriched and valuable book lists, encouraging them to read and making them to get interested in reading and studying.
At lunch break and before sunset, the most beautiful scene in the campus is students sitting and reading in the library. Each year, many SAIE students win awards in types of contests, including composition contests, artistic competitions and debate competitions.


The playground is one of the most important assembly places in SAIE, as well as the basketball court. We hold assemblies here, such as the solemn and royal flag-rising ceremony. Keeping the patriotic emotion of family-country and international sight in mind is our basic rule. Besides, we break a super sweat here, meeting friendship, team spirit and passion. The bell tower standing on the playground, which shows the standard time, inspiring SAIE students to save time and cherish every minute, is the landmark of SAIE.

Organic Cultivation Base

The organic cultivation base is the base camp of Making Caring Common Club, one of SAIE students’ associations. Maybe in the near future, SAIE students will have the opportunity to eat the organic vegetables planted by themselves. At SAIE, as long as our students have an idea, we will do our best to make it come true.

Multi-Purpose Room

The multi-purpose room is an important place for assemblies and activities, where we hold morning conferences every Monday morning, starting a new week’s study and life.
This is also the platform for students to show their talents and gifts. For example, the popular TED Talks is held here, where the sparks of thought and wisdom fly. Every year, various activities and talent shows are performed in this multi-purpose room.

Indoor Gymnasium

SAIE attaches attention to sports. Basketball club is one of the most popular clubs at SAIE. The indoor gymnasium contains table tennis court, badminton court and basketball court. The indoor gymnasium provides convenience and possibility for school teaching and campus sports.

Soccer Field

The sports field is the Moment-Worthy Location at SAIE. On the roof of the teaching building, there is a soccer field and two basketball courts, which guarantee our students that they have enough areas to do sports.
We take sports seriously and pay attention to each student’s health and growth. Taking part in a race in the breeze must be an unforgettable and pleased experience. Ordinarily, going upstairs to this field, having a walk, reading or appreciating sunset is a specific way to experience SAIE’s unique scene.


At SAIE, we not only provide delicious meals for students, but also pay enough attention to food sanitation and healthy and balanced diet. All the dishes in our dining are cooked with fresh food ingredients bought on the day, by mo means using frozen or overnight ingredients。


Our dormitory is triple rooms with private bathroom and balcony. The wooden table under wooden bed allows students to continue learning back in their dormitory. The corridor in the dormitory is an arts gallery. In their spare time, students can play the piano, appreciate artistic works to enjoy their rich and colorful life in dormitory. Our dormitory manager has more than 20-year experience in working in international schools as school doctor and dormitory manager. She is experienced and provides meticulous care and concern to our students. So being a resident student at SAIE, they not only can feel the cozy and artistic atmosphere of SAIE, but also can experience a family-like warmth.

Extra-curricular Activities

At SAIE, students experience the fun and charm of extra-curricular activities in teaching building, in Gymnasium, and other places on each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Green Path

Putting yourself in the green path, surrounded by trees and flowers, you sort of enter a garden-like campus. In the green path, you would explore the charm of four seasons at SAIE. In spring, trees are in blossom; in summer, trees sway in breeze. At SAIE, students gain happiness of studying and growth; at the same time, they harvest the beauty of four seasons.


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