Shenzhen Academy of International Education(SAIE)was planned for establishment in 2012, and officially welcomed its first students 2 years later. It is a K12 international school that incorporates elementary school, middle school and a school of art and design. SAIE became a candidate school of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC)in 2016, before eventually receiving its accreditation in 2019, when it also became a qualified member of the College Board for administration of its AP courses(CEEB code: 694141). In 2020, SAIE became an officially authorized school for conducting Global Assessment Certificate(GAC)by American College Test(ACT)and an internally authorized ACT test center. So far, the school is one of the very few among the international schools in Shenzhen to enjoy a quadruple-accredited status.

SAIE administers a diversified curriculum, which combines IPC, A-Level, Advanced Placement and Chinese domestic courses to take advantage of their respective advantages, creating a system that covers compulsory and optional modules. Subject-based classes and individualized teaching are carried out to cater to students with different needs.

So far, SAIE has sent off its 6th class of graduates in 2021. All of the previous graduates were admitted by the top 70 colleges in the US, with a 50% of them proceeded to the top 40. The elite universities all around the world from whom the SAIE students have received offers included Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley, New York University, Wake Forest University, University of Virginia, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Sydney and Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc.


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