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At SAIE, we have been committed to making our students to learn and grasp the ability to analyze questions and the methods to solve problems by means of reading, contests and intensive training, especially by the training for international contests, which not only improves students’ ability, but also cultivates their patience and train their endurance. SAIE has dedicated mentoring group for student activities and contests; besides, the college counseling group, led by the former admission officer of Columbia University, also guides students’ contests from the perspective of applying for colleges. We encourage our students to proactively take part in all kinds of contests and activities, to complete with other students all around the world. SAIE students perform so well that they win medals in various competitions. Every year, on average, each SAIE student at least win one international award. We aim to promote our students’ confidence, spirit of science research and innovation, to get prepared for their future competition in the whole world.


National team single subject bronze award-Speech and Interview

The second class prize in the high school mathematical contest in modeling.

12% competitors from SAIE in the American Mathematics Competition advanced to the American Invitational Mathematics Examination in 2021.

The silver award in the the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The silver award in the the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.







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