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At SAIE, we have an experienced team of foreign teachers. Most of them come from the United States, France, Italy and other European and American countries, bringing not only authentic American education to students, but also a global cultural background to our students, in order to let them experience the exchange and integration of different cultures in the world while sitting the classroom. We also has a dedicated team of Chinese teachers, who have sentiments of education. They graduated from top universities at home and abroad, such as the University of Hong Kong, Peking University, University of Leeds, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tufts University, and most of them possess a master degree or above. Owning both growth and learning background in China and overseas study experience, they bring both a sense of patriotism and international view to our students.


Subject : Chemistry

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance from Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland. Additionally, I am proud to possess both a TESOL Diploma and a PGCE Certificate. My teaching journey has taken me across Ireland and China, where I’ve gained invaluable experience in instructing chemistry and science subjects.


I arrived in China from Australian 4 years ago. I am a mother to a13 year old girl, who is in year 7 at SAIE. She has been homeschooled (I taught her privately) from when she was 6 years old  up until now, so this is a new and exciting experience for her. I have had two main jobs in my life, one is a teacher (I have been teaching for over 20 years) and the other is a geologist. I have taught ELA, ESL and science in kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school and university in Japan, China and Australia. I have also homeschooled/worldschooled my daughter for 5 years. I have an ‘A’ grade 150 hour Master TEFL-TESL Certificate, a Geoscience degree, and a grade 2 Japanese language proficiency certificate (second highest level). I worked as a teacher for many years in Japan. I returned to Australia where I was working as a scientist and I was teaching science to primary children. I love teaching and I believe that children should be taught in a loving, caring, engaging environment. They should be given a voice and a say in class. Everybody learns differently and that should be accounted for in class as everyone should be given a chance to learn. Everybody can learn it is just finding that special path that leads to the opening of your mind.


I Graduated from the University of Georgia in mathematics; Senior math teacher of Shenzhen campus; I have been engaged in teaching mathematics and IT in the campus for many years. In recent years, I have participated in the mathematics competition training for middle and high school students in the school: Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), American AMC series Mathematics Competition, Waterloo Mathematics Competition, etc.


Masters of English Literature from TrentU in Ontario, Canada.31 years teaching ESL, EFL, IELTS, TOEFL, and Literature. TESL Canada Certified; Elected among 200 by TrentU to present a paper in Uvic. Be as generous as possible to give these three unlimitedly within your power to your students: Unlimited Love, Unlimited Respect, and Unlimited load of information.


Aaron graduated from the University of Florida. Possess a senior middle school teacher qualification certificate and a first-level teacher title. Nine years of middle school physics and mathematics teaching experience, focusing on the cultivation of students’ logical thinking ability in science.


Head of Academics ;Principal of studengts’ academic activities;leader of the language team; AP courses Administrator; MA in English Language Teaching; 10-year teaching and managing experience in international school; Led students to gain multiple international prizes.

Anna Rose

Have more than five years of experience teaching English to Chinese students. Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree.

Liyao Luo

He has seven years of teaching experience. He is a first-class athlete and first-class judge. His teaching philosophy is learning in the joy.


Education Background: English major, Bachelor Degree, Zhengzhou University. Work Experience: 2011-2016 Zhengzhou No. 9 High School, English teacher. 2016-2020  Zhengzhou Middle School, TOEFL teacher. 2020-Now SAIE , ESL and TOEFL teacher.


Jane is a master candidate in Educational Administration from Shenzhen University, with a Senior Math Teacher Qualification Certificate and over 9 years of experience in Maths teaching. She is skilled in teaching American high school mathematics and standardization examinations, such as pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus, AP calculus and AP statistics. She has taken part in the AP Workshop training and has obtained the Experienced Teachers Certificate of AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics. Her students have achieved full marks in standardization examinations, such as SAT, ACT and AP. She has tutored her students to take part in varieties of International Maths Contest, such as Australian Mathematics Competition, Math Kangaroo, Waterloo Math Contest and Math League, among which students obtained awards like first prize, second prize and honor student title; she has achieved the title of excellent instructor and gold medal trainer. Her teaching style is of appetence and specialty so that she can arouse her students’ learning interests, develop students’ potential and improve their grades in a short time.


I obtained a master’s degree in Translation Studies from the University of Sheffield in 2017 after completing my undergraduate study in English Translation at Nanchang University in 2016.  From March 2018 to July 2020, I worked as a counselor in New Oriental Vision Overseas mainly in charge of advising students with their American universities applications, and helped them get offers from many top US universities including Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, Georgetown University and Carnegie Mellon University, and etc. I believe that every student will shine in his own way. I will bring a positive attitude, an open mind and high expectations to each class, and build a platform ensuring every student to have a chance to demonstrate himself. 

Michael Depa

I have a Masters degree from Washington State University in United States foreign relations with a dual focus in modern Chinese and Japanese history. I am a certified history educator, and I have taught in China these past 8 years.  My educational philosophy is that no two students are alike and we as educators must find ways to reach all of our students. I am huge believer in project based learning and in the social sciences providing an analytical toolkit that aids learners no matter their future career.


Afra got her master degree in education from Chinese University of Hong Kong and have her bachelor degrees respectively in Philosophy from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and psychology from Central China Normal University. She holds a national psychological consultant qualification certificate, a senior high school teacher qualification certification and AP psychology teaching certificate issued by the College Board. She has helped many students obtain full marks in AP psychology and has tutored students to win awards in HOSA academic competition and speech contests. Teaching philosophy: The short-term objective of learning is to adapt the changes of environment, and the long-term objective is to master people’s own life. This rapidly changing era has presented unprecedented challenges to education and study. Hence, a teacher’s duty is not only to impart knowledge, but also to train students’ abilities of distinguishing, thinking, application and affiliation, helping them develop their ideal personality. Also, a teacher should teach by personal examples as well as verbal instruction, setting a life-long learning example for students.

Emmanuel Lebigre

Emmanuel Lebigre, or Manu as most students call him, holds a Master Degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilization. He has taught in French university and British middle school before moving to China back in 2001. He believes that making a class interesting is the key to teaching anything.”Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”


Graduated from QiLu university of technology. Have been teaching Chinese for four years in the international school. Created Composition Weekly. Participated in the activity of One thousan students in one hundred classes by reading a book Darwin Girl. Integrated the knowledge of literature ,history and philosophy through interdisciplinary teaching. 


Yao graduated from York University, with 8 years of teaching experience. She has achieved the title of outstanding teacher. Interest is the best teacher, and curiosity is the most important tutor.


2009-2011 Clermont Second University French, French League; 2011-2016 EPCC Management de Luxe; 2017-2020 Saint Accord Language, Lantool French Institute teaches French. She can speak multi-languages, such as French, Korean, Spanish and she can teach in bilingually.


香港大学英语语言学硕士; 英国文化委员会认证雅思教师、国内教师资格证书; 雅思8分 、专业八级 、TKT123model; 第二届口译全国大赛优秀奖; 5年以上一线英语教师工作经验。


In 2004, I earned my Master’s degree in Science at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, in Serbia. I have 5 years experience in teaching differerent levels of Mathematics and Chemistry for Middle and High school students. My teaching philosophy is to create a safe and challenging environment for my students that will help them to actively participate in the classroom, share their ideas how to solve problems and feel free to approach and ask questions to better understand the content. It is important for me to make dynamic atmosphere that will stimulate their learning.


She got her master degree from Jinan University, and possesses an IELTS 7 point. She can speak Japanese fluently. She owns a teacher qualification certificate, a second-level teacher title, a Tesol advanced certificate, and a mental health education certificate. She had more than 5 years of first-line science teaching experience. She is good at competition guidance and has awarded the honor of IAC competition preliminary and promotion Excellent instructor and excellent instructor of “little academician” of Chinese Academy of Juvenile Sciences.


Tony graduated in vocal performance major, pop music department, from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. He has several times of overseas study tours in several European countries. He is the teacher and judge of both Pingshan Senior High School Art Test and Yantian Senior High School Art Test. He is the member of Shenzhen Musicians Association, Singer Association, and Returned Music Association. He has 10 years working experience in music, and has produced and released many songs.

* Above is part of teacher's information.


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