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SAIE Spring outing
Spring outing is an annual traditional activity of SAIE. Through spring outing activities, we lead students to go out of the classroom, entering the nature, and exploring more unknowns. A spring outing crossing Heipaijiao. A journey to the mountains and seas. A beautiful memory of love is passing and happening.
In this holy festival unique to teachers, SAIE has prepared a stage for free rein. Baking, cooking, making dumplings… students turned into gourmets, and sent their most unique and sincere blessings. Our students used their own hands, food and love to make the Teacher’s Day full of warmth, joy and happiness on the SAIE campus!
Shenzhen Bay Trekking
Every fall, SAIE holds such a trekking activity, walking along the long and beautiful coastline of Shenzhen Bay for ten kilometers. Teachers and students walk, talk, and run, enjoying the fun and charm of trek! This is already a tradition of SAIE.
The Halloween Carnival
On the eve of Halloween, when evening quietly came into the sky, skulls, jack-o’-lanterns, and big spiders…made the air filled with horror. Fancy outfits, demons and ghosts, shuttling back and forth, fascinated people and the world under the cover of night. The parent “Food Show”encountered demons and monsters. The Halloween Carnival is the highlight of SAIE’s annual events. On this day, parents and children can not only enjoy delicious food, but also enjoy a joyous carnival.


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