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We have extracurricular activities(ECA)on each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Students at the school currently run a variety of clubs, including sports, arts and academic societies, As long as a student has an idea and two like-minded schoolmates, he can establish his own club. We have a dedicated team that is exclusively responsible for student activities so as to help them realize their interest and dreams.

Fitness Club Cantonese Language and CultureClub Ultimate Frisbee Club
Badminton ClubAMC AMC Math Club Arts Club
Basketball Club Making Caring Common Club Speech Club
Soccer Club Japanese Club Music Club
Drone Club Programming Club Intangible Cultural Heritage Club
Model Club Debate Club Dungeon and Dragons Club
Board Games Club Homework Help Session Cartoon Club
Drama club Piano club Tea art club
Print Art club Painting Club Dance club
*Above are part of SAIE clubs.


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