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A speech by Doctor Chen: Explore the application for British G5 Universities.
The chief educator of SAIE, doctor Chen Xiaomin, brings an in-depth interpretation of the application for British G5 Universities, and gives you a comprehensive understanding of the strategies of top British universities application.
SAIE 2021 Graduation Ceremony
On May 28th, SAIE 2021 Graduation Ceremony was held at the Nanshan Tianqiong Theater. It was a coming-of-age ceremony, an upcoming journey to entering the world and chasing dreams. The ceremony starts and ends with gratitude and blessings, touches and tears, singing and dancing. Our students will keep on going to the world with the theme INTO THE FUTURE.
SAIE Feature Film Changing at SAIE
“Normal students enter world famous universities, and excellent students enter world top universities”. We tell you stories about our students constantly changing at SAIE and ultimately going into the world.
SAIE Spring outing of 2021
Spring outing is an annual traditional activity of SAIE. Through spring outing activities,
we lead students to go out of the classroom, entering the nature, and exploring more unknowns.
A spring outing crossing Heipaijiao. A journey to the mountains and seas. A beautiful memory of love is passing and happening.


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